Welcome to the beyond!

Fantastic SCi-Fi adventure about two hapless ghosts who can't seem to find their way to the other side! A wondrous story of good vs. evil with a twist of an original Irish folk tale filled with humour, tears, laughs and hugs!
We have it sent out to Sci-Fi festivals so when we hear from them you'll hear from us. Until then my friends! Keep threading the beyond wondering the beyond!

"Well folks, the time has come for Wonder the Beyond to be launched.
It was a joy to make this one what with the great locations at Broadway Stages, Brooklyn NY and all the lovely cast and crew! it takes a lot to make a film complete and everyone pulled their weight on this one. went off without a hitch! i must say i defo hope you folks enjoy this film as much as i did writing it and making it. it has a very unique story line filled with humour, tears, laughs and hugs.
life is a funny ol game and it starts quickly and ends slowly. I really love this story because it has a lot of human elements to it love, loss, endurance and that good always overcomes evil no matter the outcome. we all have a few sins hidden deep down in that bag so let's get those sins out in the open and clear them all up. you'll feel a lot better for it as a chinese wise man once said to me "mel, life is a garden which everything grows at it's own given pace"...actually i said it but it sounds better coming from a wise old chinese man haha.
Love to hear from you..if you have any questions, just give us a buzz." melhamill[at]
by mel

From our wonderful cast:
What can i say - it was a fun time working with all of you. I wasn't on set too much but it was a good time, everyone was super cool and easy to work with. I'm performing in a festival in Moldova this week. Strange little country, but beautiful and hot too. Cheers from Chisinau! Nicole

I'm actually in Taiwan...until July 9 for China Airline flight back to NY. While I'm in Taiwan, I teach English conversation classes and modeling for college during the week. On the weekends, I'm a street artist. I also started a blog and I continue writing poems and prose in both Chinese and English. It was definitely a very unique and pleasant experience working on WTB. I met great people and I got to work with my best friend Wayne. I also enjoyed playing a comedic role. It's an interesting story. Seeing how much effort you guys put into the film was very inspiring. I hope I will have another opportunity to work with you~ Thank you very much for the wonderful experience! Kristen

Without a doubt it was the most heart charging exhilarating roller coaster ride for me. All go from the getgo but we got it all done. Everything fell into place, the crew, the cast , everyone pitched in and did their best and it shows. It was fun to play the hero in the film charging through the mystery river of adventure not to mention having a love interest at last, the wonderful nicole. We did our best considering the time frame and budget and managed to finish it succesfully including post production. What matters is the end result and how it came out. It came out great. Thanks to everyone who worked on it and gave their time for the film. I really appreciate everything done. Cheers!
At the moment I have something else in the pipeline that I've been working on, the next project. When I get the go ahead, I'll be able to let everyone know. Mel

As an actor the most important thing in the world for me has always been to have fun. And when that fun comes with a heart of gold and a cast and crew to match, Bunty and "Wonder the Beyond " happens. Thank you Julie, Mel, and Jason, for the love, the joy, and for making November feel like June. Ciaran has since made his Off Broadway debut to rave reviews and an extended run, playing iconic Irish revolutionary James Connolly in the Cell Theatre's spring production of Larry Kirwan of Black 47's "Blood," and is currently set to appear alongside a who's who of Irish theatre in acclaimed and award winning Irish playwright Don Creedon's new work "The Lobby." Ciaran

Playing Ben was an interesting experience, I was busy running around and dealing with equipment during all of my free time... not to mention working full time during the week as well! Acting on top of this certainly took a special type of energy. Being part of the creative side of things on and off the camera was nice experience though. I am happy we got it done and that we were able to do it on a next to nothing budget. Lately I have been working in Locations for a USA Network TV program. The majority of my free time has largely been divided into Anthony and my company, Rollin-Studios and producing other small projects. Jason

I was relaxing in the desert after all that strenuous lifting (12 oz at a time) working on WTB. It was truly a pleasure working with you guys. It was somewhat of a small miracle, really, as the only actor in NYC whose bartending experience is exclusive to the receiving end of the bar. I wish you guys all the best in the promotion and dissemination of the film, and many more to come! I'm looking forward to a summer of teaching and performing theater in the Hudson Valley. Kirk

I have nothing but positive things to say about the cast and crew. Everyone was a joy to work with. This project was something special; a unique take on the scifi/comedy/fantasy genre and was glad to be a part of it (wearing two hands so to speak). I hope to work with everyone in some capacity again in the future. I am currently freelance writing for two publications, the Queens Chronicle and for Blank Slate Media in Long Island. Andrew

FinbarMel Hamill
BenJason Short
HankJohn Koprowski
BuntyCiaran Byrne
HollyNicole Kontolefa
SueKristen Hung
DingWayne Chang
DonAndrew Benjamin
MickKirk Miller
KatyBretony Amber
BusinessmanPerry Labarca
Buyer oneJoel Friedrich
Buyer twoKevin Rose
Buff ManXavier Polanco
Gay ManMichael Wetherbee
Bar girlSara Vandenheuvel
PolicemanAnthony Argento Jr.
Created by Mel Hamill
Directed by Julie Yun
Written by Mel Hamill and Julie Yun
Produced by Mel Hamill and Julie Yun
Associate ProducersAnthony Argento Jr.
Jason Short
Director of PhotographyDan Wang
Edited byJulie Yun
Production DesignJason Short
Set DecoratorRocio Gimenez
Music composed and performed byJaehi Choi
Yong Jun Yoon
Frank McCrory
Costume Design and Make UpSara Vandenheuvel
1st Assistant DirectorJulie Amalric
2nd Assistant DirectorLili Du Toit
Assistant CameraGregory Gillaspie
Michael Manata
Jorge Santos
Rocio Gimenez
Grips and GaffersAnthony Argento Jr.
Jason Short
Gregory Gillaspie
Michael Manata
Jorge Santos
2nd Unit CameraJongho Lee
Rocio Gimenez
Boom OperatorAnthony Argento Jr.
Sound Design and Mix byJaehi Choi
Yong Jun Yoon
Visual Effects EditorJulie Yun
VFX, Digital Effects ArtistRyan Ela
Props ArtistBonnie Park
Ghost Skeleton ArtistJohn Paul Laquindanum
Equipment ManagerAnthony Argento Jr.
Casting byMel Hamill
Julie Yun
Anthony Argento Jr.
Jason Short
Technical AdvisorCheol Bang
Web DeveloperMark Shehata
AgentVeronika Lee
ManagerStephen Kelly
Production AssistantAndrew Benjamin
Jagdeep Singh
Catering byKimchi Taco Truck
Original Music
Intro theme     Wonder Blues
Rock & Wonder     Love Addiction
Mysterious Way     The Collusion
Two Weirdos     Wipe out the pipe
Trouble Shooters     Victory
Conclusion     Rock & Wonder
Another Beginning     Wonder the beyond
Written and Performed byJaehi Choi
Yong Jun Yoon
Written and Performed byFrank McCrory
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